Richard Krasnow and Nancy Meyrich

Richard Krasnow and Nancy MeyrichRichard Krasnow has vivid childhood memories of the Hayden Planetarium: “It was the old Zeiss projector. There was something magical about it.” Nancy Meyrich began her own natural history collection as a young girl: “My mother allowed me to bring home almost anything—shells, feathers, porcupine quills, snake skins, fossils, and even a sea horse.” Their common interests brought Nancy and Richard together as adults and led them, time and again, to the American Museum of Natural History. When rewriting their wills a few years ago, they provided a bequest that will create an education endowment at the American Museum of Natural History “It is an important element in the fabric of this city,” Richard explains, “and that matters to us as New Yorkers.”

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